October 5, 2012

Fall Garden

Last Sunday we finally got a little break in the rain and headed over to our garden as a family. I have to confess that as of late we've been neglecting the garden a little. There is still plenty growing but we haven't really been keeping up with it and certainly not weeding. Mentally I think I'm already deep into fall and heading towards winter.
We cleaned things up just a bit and picked our basil. I used to make big batches of pesto each fall but I actually really prefer that kale pestoso now I just make a puree and freeze it in ice cube trays to add to various dishes, usually our canned tomatoes for a good winter version of sauce. What do you do with basil? I feel like there must be a more exciting option.
This week-end we are at my mom's, in fact we are already here! Big Smith took off from Wednesday on so we have an extra extra long week-end, such a treat. Right now it's Thursday afternoon and I'm sitting in a cafe putting together these final posts of the week. I am loving working in a cafe, I never get this luxury it's a little slice of grande-soy-chai-latte heaven (yes I am that girl, Big Smith is strictly a 'large black coffee' guy and always gives me a hard time).
We are hoping to do some work here painting my mom's house, but so far it's been rain rain and more rain. Luckily tomorrow's forecast shows perfect sun and Saturday we are headed to the local harvest festival. We took Little Smith for the first time last year and I loved having him there, the same festival that I entered the pumpkin contest in each year as a child (I actually won two blue ribbons, one for Benjamin Frumpklin and the other for Donald and Ivana Trumpkin... I think the bird's nest hair was really key to that masterpiece!). Then as a teenager I worked at the festival painting kid's faces and helping with a game that was called 'hay toss' wherein we'd grab a smaller child by the arms and throw them into a giant hay pile... somehow I don't think that game would fly these days!
I think it's safe to say it's going to be a good week-end, hope you all have a great fall filled long week-end too!


  1. I hope you´ll get the painting done - it´s always nice to be over and done with projects like that. Lovely pics! :-)

  2. So many beautiful images in that post! Can't wait to see fall festival pictures {even though your description was phenomenal & it just won't seem complete without GIFs of the child chucking lol}.

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures. I love the one of you and W. I'm a latte girl, too, while Brian keeps to black coffee. I do the same thing with basil, and I add it to all sorts of soups, tomato sauces, and casseroles. I am a big fan of basil!

  4. That first photo is my favorite! Great shot.

    I love love love sitting at a cafe, drinking a latte and 'computering.' I don't get much of it these days but, when I do, I cherish it!

    Enjoy that festival! Sounds like fun.

  5. Haha, the hay toss and the Trumpkins.. So funny! Those basil plants are HUUUUGE. I think I would be pretty standard with the basil, though. Just pesto probably. Craig's godfathers freeze the whole basil leaf on a baking sheet and then put them in a bag...but I'm not sure that's any different really from pureeing. I hope you guys have a great long weekend. The festival sounds like a really fun place to be!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend-- and I love your description of your childhood pumpkin contest! Basil-- I'm also not the biggest fan of straight basil pesto but I will mix it in pesto with parsley or arugula to cut the one-noteness. Other thoughts: basil oil, basil in Thai coconut curry, basil leaves added to salad greens, basil pesto stirred into soup (particularly bean or bean/veggie soups). Enjoy your weekend and as always thanks for the great posts!

    1. Such wonderful basil suggestions! Thanks so much Kris.

  7. Oh, yes! Kale pesto is a must! And I do the same with basil-- so I am of little help to you on the variety front.

    I am envious of your trip to your mama's. I miss mine very much right now!

    Love the pictures of your fall garden, especially of you with that load of basil looking down at W, and the one of Big Smith and that enormous sunflower head! So cool!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Beautiful post Mama Smith.... we live in Milano, Italy and we have not a garden. I dream to have one and take care of it with Leo...he loves tomatoes and pasta with tomatoes souce ....

    have a beautiful week end beautiful family

    xoxo Lelli, italian fashion family

  9. The garden still looks beautiful, and it sounds like it's going to be a lovely weekend at your mom's. The festival is a wonderful tradition. How cute that you won the pumpkin contests!

  10. Beautiful garden! Love love love these photos! :)

    Alexandria ~ http://therolexrelease.blogspot.com

  11. These photos are so great! Makes me want to run away to the countryside. <3