September 6, 2012

Olmsted House

Last week-end we made a quick visit to the Frederick Law Olmsted House. We love to take advantage of all the museums and historical sites that Boston has to offer, however guided tours, small rooms, and long descriptions (although very informative- thank you to our guide!) are not a great match for Little Smith's ants in his pants.

It is a beautiful property and the studio space had us pining away for the days when architecture, and in this case landscape architecture, was all about drawing boards and reams of paper. We wanted to steel a few of the light fixtures too, pretty much a dream workspace.

Big Smith has been reading an Olmsted biography and also worked on a project situated in one of his parkland's, so he definitely earned himself the right to actually listen and partake in the tour. I ended up bailing after a few minutes to let Little Smith practice his jumping in the back yard accompanied some lovely flute playing from one of the neighbors. I know I've seen kids behave perfectly in these types of tours, but I couldn't make it work. I guess our kid just isn't that interested in the history of landscape, he'd rather experience it first hand (only two leaves were harmed in the making of this post)!


  1. Your son is too cute! Love the last photo of him :)

  2. I love places like this - the pics are great! :-)

  3. He IS a bit young for a lengthy tour, but it's great that you take him to such places. Over time, it will help to expand his world view. And you guys have to explore your interests too, right? We have been taking the kids to art galleries and museums since they were little. They often complain, but I hope they appreciate it (eventually).

  4. So envious of the places you have nearby. I often take for granted what we have here in Utah but I would love to visit Boston. You're son is adorable.


  5. That place looks lovely! And maybe it's a boy thing, because I've never had much luck with anything like that with my boys. They are so wiggly, they don't even enjoy sitting through a movie!

  6. absolutely beautiful scenery, and photos. oh, and i have the same sandals, same colour :)

    1. Thanks Gaby, and I love those sandals! I had no idea they were such a 'thing' until I started reading blogs and now I see them everywhere :)

  7. I think it is great to take children to these places right from the start - and they learn to take what they need, and enjoy it at their own level, then as they get older they will surprise you with what they have learned and thought. Far better than suddenly taking them at an 'appropriate' age, when they won't have had the joy of gradually learning the ways you can appreciate places of beauty, works of art, etc, in their own way. This is what I did, and with the oldest now 22, I can say that they don't criticize me for exposing them to culture from an early age, but have many happy memories of interesting family outings!

    Pomona x

  8. Such a beautiful space! I love the open ceilings. You guys have such cool day trips.