August 14, 2012


singing beach, manchester ma / august 8, 2012

We live pretty close to the ocean but we rarely make it for an actual beach day. We are typically more lake and mountain people. Last week one of my friends convinced me to join her for a day at Singing Beach, and it is indeed as pretty as the name suggests.

I learned that pushing a stroller loaded with beach gear over very soft sand is a crazy good workout, that you should hold your child's hand at the water's edge because even itty-bitty waves are enough to push him over and make him fear the ocean for the entire day, and that seagulls can be kind of scary and evil when food is involved.

I did have a moment (when both of our little boys were playing with the wheels of the stroller and ignoring the sand and water entirely) when I wondered. 'why exactly are we at the beach?'. Then I looked out at the horizon and realized... 'oh yeah, sometimes we do things for my own enjoyment as well'. We had a great time and it was well worth the effort. Mid-week beach trips, a definate perk of being a stay-at-home parent!


  1. Pretty, pretty! A beach day sound so mighty nice!

  2. Such a pretty beach! It looks very kid-friendly and mellow.

  3. You find the most beautiful natural settings. I need to hang with you.

  4. I agree. I am a mountains-and-lake girl myself. All that sand and sun and lack of shade is annoying sometimes. But it is SO beautiful that it makes a trip worth it.

    Beautiful photo!

  5. What a great photo! I love the beach. Once the kids get bigger and swim, they occupy themselves a bit. Of course, you always have to watch, but it is more peaceful than them constantly asking for stuff. ;)