July 11, 2012

Beach Day and Broken Rules

On our recent camping trip we got the added bonus surprise of being right on a lake with lots of family fun swimming and boating. It was the kind of lakeside beach that would have made me run in my pre-kid days. I am now starting to see the joy of warm shallow water and lots of kids to play with... finally making that transition into family land.

We had so much fun; splashing in the water, running from dogs, digging in the sand, snagging beach balls. It was simple and perfect. We were camping a short walk from the shore so we could clean up, eat, and come back for more... and more.

We stayed until Little Smith's 7PM bedtime and then daddy wrestled him back to camp to try to get him to sleep and I stuck around to watch the sunset. Everyone was gone, it was just me and my camera. Alone. Listening to the soft waves and smelling campfire.

Just as the sun was setting the people started to come back. Blankets were laid down, children slid on sandy rocks, a boy around the same age as Little Smith scrambled in the sand. I am such a stickler for our schedule. 7PM. That's it. No exceptions. I'm chicken to break the rules because he sleeps so well and I worry any deviation will jinx our great luck.

Watching all the fun though, on this perfect summer night filled with families, I wanted my boys there. So I ran back to camp. I heard Little S still protesting sleep as I got close and I called out through the trees to the tent.

We joined the party... watched the older kids play, the sun set and the moon rise. We had fun breaking the rules. We'll definitely do it again.


  1. Beautiful, peaceful photos! This looks like a perfect place for family fun. As a mum I think it is good to occasionally break the rules...it gives you a little confidence boost when you change things around and everyone is still happy. I know exactly what you mean though...I am really big on routine for our children :)

  2. All rules go out the window on vacation! Really beautiful pictures- and that shot of you and Wyatt is just lovely!

  3. Rules are made to be broken Mama! If you don't know it now, believe me, little Smith will teach you later-- just gorgeous photos-- he is such a charmer!

  4. What a lovely time!! I agree with everyone else, rules are made to be broken every once in a while. ;-)

    I love how motherhood changes us.

  5. Ah, love those quiet times alone with nothing but a camera.


  6. We just broke the rules for the past 10 days at the beach and though Andrew and I are exhausted, it was totally worth every minute!