June 4, 2012

Simple Pleasures / Bubbles

Today Little Smith and I are off to our big week long trip to Chicago (please let the plane ride go smoothly!). I have even packed my very large camera so that I can be sure to record the fun to share when we get back. We are both going to miss Big Smith a ton, this is the longest he and I will have been apart for many years and the first time the little guy will be without dada. I know it's going to be exciting though and can't wait to see my cousin, her new baby, and ALL of her animals (as in three horses, three dogs, and three cats... oh my!).

I'm also crossing my fingers that Little Smith gets over the grumpy-pants phase he's been in lately. We have had moments of smiles and pure joy, but there's been a stream of tantrums and pouts in between. All last week and through the week-end we were battling the funk so we decided to work hard to lighten each day, celebrating being together before our trip and enjoying some simple pleasures. I'll be sharing some of these bright spots (or our best attempts at them) throughout this week; a week of simple pleasures!

First up is a little bubble fun. I was so infatuated with bubbles as a kid (it had to be the Pustefix brand too 'cause I loved that bear). All kids are pretty happy to see bubbles, I even keep a small bottle in the diaper bag for emergency pick-me-ups. This day Little Smith was in a place where nothing could please, so daddy took him out the back porch for a little bubble time. Not too many smiles but fascination beats tears so I'm calling it a win. Pouting in a sea of floating bubbles is surprisingly darn cute too.


  1. Bubbles are always a winner...even with my 5 year old daughter. Lovely photos. Safe travels, enjoy :)

  2. I hope your trip goes smoothly! I miss sweet home Chicago so much- tell her I said hello. The bubble pictures are adorable, even with the pouts :)

  3. The Pustefix! I had never seen one before, but my boys love them! Good luck on your trip- hope it is wonderful!

  4. We love to play with bubbles too! I hope that your trip goes well. Distraction definitely keeps grumpiness at bay, and traveling provides plenty of distraction! Hope Little Smith is a sweetie for you and that you have tons of fun!

  5. good luck with the plane trip -- and have an awesome time away! i look forward to seeing your trip through your photos. and i love love love bubbles! (who doesn't?!) you're right -- such a simple pleasure. but fun!

  6. ...pouting in a sea of floating bubbles....Love that!

    Good luck on your trip - it will all be worth it making these cool memories!