June 11, 2012

Mini Moments: Farm Style

breakfast for horsies dog toy love morning light cousins staring contest end of day
farewell horse bye chicago missed you daddy

We had a truly wonderful trip to Chicago last week to visit my cousin and her new baby. The plane rides went (relatively) smoothly; videos were a bust and seemed to irritate more than entrance, but books and snacks did the trick. Navigating the airport with a toddler and luggage was a bit of a juggle but most people were super helpful (except for the few who were shockingly rude and cut in front of me struggling with bags while almost dropping my kid barefoot in the security line).

This trip was all about family and animals. We spent our time thoroughly enjoying my cousin's 'farm' of horses and dogs and cats; this visit happened to coincide with Little Smith's burst of fascination with animals (heaven!) and of course soaking in the new little lady who is the most chill baby I have ever met- seriously. I've got some good pictures and thoughts to sort through and share.

As blissful as the trip was, getting home to Big Smith was pretty exciting. We don't usually spend long stretches apart and this was Little Smith's first chunk of time away from dada. My cheeks still hurt from smiling when he picked us up at the airport, and it wasn't just relief that I could sleep in this morning (oh yeah... did I mention that Little S decided to wake up at 4:30 in the morning every day of our trip?!).

We certainly miss the animals and our favorite ladies, but there's no place like home.


  1. Great photos! Looks like a lovely, peaceful trip (aside from the airport, of course).

  2. Sweet baby! Looks like toddler heaven there with all the farm animals. So glad your trip went (mostly) smoothly.

  3. Sounds like a great trip - especially the farm! Glad you and Little S are home safe!


  4. i love this! family and animals...and a little one to experience that joy in a way that adults can't....and how sweet when your face hurt from smiling so much when you saw big smith. :)

  5. my son did so great on his first flight -- of course i fed him going up and coming down on the flight and his nosiness and charm with the stewardesses kept him occupied the rest of the time:) lucky for him, he's a cutie pie.

  6. Hooray for great trips!!! I loving Little S' huge smile in that second picture!!