June 18, 2012

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 summer afternoon baby lettuce garden plot little smith's plot allium radishes garlic field farm outing summer smile

We have been soaking in the summer sun; playing at the park, tending to our garden, visiting our favorite local farm. I have fallen in love with strawberries and whipped cream and we're enjoying fresh greens and radishes everyday. It's been perfect weather and of course that could change at any moment, but it's been a bit of heaven.

I have to confess that Father's Day was not exactly as I had planned. I was crazy sick- so instead of giving Big Smith breakfast in bed he got a day full of one-on-one time with his boy, which in the end might be the best celebration of the day. He is without a doubt the best dad I know and I was very grateful that I could take to my bed and know that Little Smith would have a fun filled day. We're taking a rain check on delivering some father's appreciation pampering, and luckily I'm feeling 90 percent better and we're getting ready for a quick visit from some dear friends this evening.

Summer we are enjoying you so much, slow down... I'm not ready for June to be over just yet!


  1. your son is the cutest! nice blog

  2. Hope you are back to 100%! Gorgeous pics as always-- just wonderful!

  3. Lovely pictures! Your dress is beautiful, too.

  4. Oh, so sorry you were sick! What a drag.

    BUT you are so lovely! Your hair gets me every time. I love the picture of you holding W's hand. Also, we definitely have the same taste in little boy's clothes. Milo has that same tank. He and I both love it!

    Hope you're back to yourself soon!

  5. Lovely summer thoughts and photos to read from my Australian winter! You look so glamorous in the garden with your little man :)