June 1, 2012

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Last week-end really felt like the start of summer. It was hot and sticky, we stayed at my mom's and went hiking with friends and ate popsickles and veggie hot dogs. Little Smith has decided to freak out whenever we try to put him in our hiking back-pack which means lots of Ergo on long treks, good thing he's small for 18 months or I'm not sure I could pull it off.

This week flew by (the best part of a long week-end is the short week that follows) and we are planning lots of quality time with daddy for the next few days because Little Smith and I are heading on a solo trip out to Chicago to visit my cousin and her new baby next week. I'm so excited to catch up and meet my new baby niece, but having him on my lap for a three hour plane ride does have me a little anxious. I'm thinking movies on my iphone and lots of snacks and crossing my fingers that some napping happens. Any tips for flying with a toddler are greatly appreciated!


  1. good luck with your 3 hour flight with your little man. i know everything will be okay! beautiful images as always!
    xo TJ

  2. I never hiked with my kids when they were toddlers (except in a jogging stroller on a clear path) and I never took them on a plane. So, I am not a lot of help! I am sure you will be fine though. I think the lots of snacks is the key. We drove for 18 hours once when my youngest was a toddler and my whole glove compartment was full of snacks. She ate them all!

  3. Oh, good luck with the flight! I think you will be fine. We have done this a lot with our boys and the key was having novel things: snacks, a couple new small toys, etc. and don't be afraid of a video or two! Just get through it!

    Also, have you tried W on your back in the Ergo? That is how I carry Oliver and he's almost 3 (though also small for his age). I love that carrier.

    Have a fantastic trip!

  4. I love Little S's scowl!

    I don't have any personal experience with flying with toddlers but like Lauren said, novelty items are good. Brand new little toys, brand new or fave snacks, and yes, I would totally do the video thing!


  5. Pretty photos! It does feel like summer is finally here-refreshing and yet hot and gross. Haha