May 14, 2012

Spring Garden

We were busy bees in our garden over the week-end. We planted quite a bit and are starting to see some earlier efforts emerge, except for the peas. Where are you peas? Did you get gobbled up by some hungry bunnies? The garlic from last fall is big and beautiful which is exciting since it's our first time with it. 

The day's highlights included; bluebirds and butterflies, Little Smith unplanting seeds as fast as we could get them in, chatting on the phone with my cousin who is enjoying her new baby, my boys planting a special sunflower row around the sandbox, new tips from fellow gardeners, and no tantrums from any of us.

The perfect end to the day was trying to scrub clean Little Smith's very black feet. We learned that he's ticklish and the giggles lasted just a little later than the usual bedtime. A very sweet spring day.


  1. Beautiful post...sharing the garden and growing things with children is pure joy :)

  2. It's coming along! What a beautiful community garden! And I'm impressed by the garlic growing. I've never done any roots except carrots!

  3. That is such a beautiful garden! And your photos as always are stunning. What a lucky thing for your little dude to grow up around.

  4. What a beautiful day and garden! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  5. wow, oh wow. that is seriously your garden?! you are so lucky to have such an amazing space. we only have a very small courtyard garden...your little smith is a very lucky boy to have such a beautiful garden to explore, grow and learn in.

    1. Our's is actually a community garden so we have one large plot within it... but you're seeing lots of other people's gardens as well in the overall pictures. It is a beautiful spot and we are so grateful to have gotten our plot before the gardening boom completely took off- now the waiting list is very long :)

  6. How lovely. I've really wanted to get involved in our local community garden and these photos are definitely the inspiration I needed to get on top of it!

  7. Yum! Fresh garlic is the absolute BEST!! Your garden looks amazing!!

  8. Sounds like a perfect Spring day for sure - your garden looks awesome!