May 7, 2012

Night(mare) Out

Whenever I make the mistake of patting myself on the back for even just a millisecond... I am quickly corrected and forced to abandon any fleeting glimmers of self satisfaction. I've been settling into a groove with Little Smith, he's sleeping well and eating well. I cook up a storm and he eats most of what I set in front of him. This wasn't always the case and lots still ends up on the floor but he's definitely in an "easy phase" at the moment.

I was chatting on the phone with a friend while making an Indian inspired dinner last week and in asking for my recipe she was surprised that I was adding so many spices to anything Little Smith was going to eat. Here is where I got too smug for my own good and jinxed this whole roll we've been on; Oh yes, I don't know about your cheerio munching baby, but mine loves spices and exotic flavors!

Between his flair for ethnic food and his recent better-than-average table manners, I enjoyed a brief moment of imagining us as that family. The young couple who can still drive a cool car not soiled in ground crackers... or better yet no car and just toss the toddler in a bike seat; popping into restaurants, catching that show at the museum on a whim... this kid is along for our ride, he doesn't rule us...

Cut to Saturday and I thought it would be a swell idea to bring Little S along for an early sushi dinner. I actually don't eat sushi, but Big Smith loves it and there's plenty of Japanese fare that I do like so it's often our date of choice. This was the first time for the little guy and... not so fun as it turns out!

From the very start it was clear he was tired (after gardening all day we all were) and he wouldn't even sit in the high chair without screaming- a first. There wasn't a ton on the menu that was familiar to him. He's also used to eating whatever we are and being able to request samples from our plates, but that doesn't work so well for wasabi or raw fish. Incidentally sushi looks really pretty like a toy that would be fun to play with... and chop sticks are awesome (to try to gag oneself or poke out an eye out with)...

... It was not a relaxing meal and I don't even remember eating anything. Between whiny shrieks, the crazy mess on the floor, and the dozens of trade offs to go look at the fish tank, I was definitely cured of any delusion that we are super cool. We aren't cool, we're covered in smooshed sticky rice and ready to climb into bed with a cocktail and a bowl of ice-cream (his and hers) and call it a night! And that's actually all it took to salvage the evening- at least we've still got an awesome sleeper.


  1. Oh my gosh. We have been there so many times! It's such a gamble... sometimes we have the most peaceful, fulfilling, enjoying meal where people are coming up to us to tell us how well-behaved our boys are, and then there are the other days. The dirty looks, food all over the floor, squeals and fighting and not sitting in their seats. It can be such a nightmare!

    You have such a way with words and I always enjoy reading your accounts of life with a toddler. Hang in there. I sure think you're cool!

  2. Well, it LOOKS great in the pictures! But boy, have I been there. We just get right back on the going-out-with-kids horse, and it usually works out fine. But as you know- it's never perfect!

  3. Aww! I totally know what you mean about the cool-looking young couples who seem able to take their babies anywhere... We're probably just catching them at the exact right moment, and as soon as they're out of sight the baby starts screaming. Audrey loves gagging herself with a spoon, so I know she'd love chopsticks too. :) Better luck next time! Or maybe stick with the cocktails/ice cream in bed. That sounds way dreamy!!

  4. you've inspired me...although your trip out for an early dinner didn't work out, you still gave it a go! and i think *that's* the cool part.

    what i think is funny is that your pictures look like it was a success! could have written a completely opposite post to what actually happened and it would have been believable!

  5. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but that is one beautiful baby you have there! Too cute!

  6. I love you for admitting that you wanted to be the cool family - I want to be the cool family too! Haha!

    We have seriously been there and still are to a certain extent. Eating out isn't what I would call "fun" or "relaxing" anymore. But sometimes it beats the alternative of going crazy at home!


  7. Ha! I'm convinced that none of us are actually cool, sometimes we just catch one another having "cool" moments. It's always such a gamble when taking the little ones out. I have definitely had my "spontaneous, chill family fun" but about half the time it's whatever the opposite of that is, the epitome of uncool. Oh, well. Such is life with a wee one. Sometimes we're badass mamas with easily appeased and fun loving little ones and sometimes it's falling apart on display.