May 3, 2012

Fun Little Things: Pantry Solutions

Truth be told I am not the tidiest person (yes pile of laundry and towel on the floor I see you), but one thing I am is organized. My counter top might be cluttered but the cabinets are carefully stacked. I especially like order in the pantry so that I know I always have the makings of a last minute meal or late night baked goods. I don't know why I have this fear of "running out" of ingredients but seriously few things please me more than a stocked pantry.

I have a few different methods for storing various baking notions and  they are all super basic but I thought it would be fun to share now and again. These glass jars with screw on lids are one of my favorites. I use them for loose powders and sugars. I buy flour in giant quantities so there is no jar large enough but for more specialty items I love being able to see the pretty colors of the contents and also to know when I'm getting low and it's time to replenish.

I picked these up a few years back from Target and have seen very similar ones at Ikea and even the supermarket. I love the twist on lids- so clean and easy. Of course any clear canister or jar will work, but I find that the pickling variety with the clamp down top has a little lip that collects loose powder and makes a mess. I also prefer a tight seal over the canisters where the lid just rests on top to keep out meal worms/ moths (a problem I haven't had much in the city but battled all the time growing up).

I have three different sizes which works well for various types of notions and also makes stacking them easy. There's a large flat area on each jar that would be perfect for a custom label. Originally I had planned on labeling them but I kind of enjoy the minimalist look and since no one else in this house bakes there hasn't been too many cornstarch and powdered sugar mix ups. I know this such a simple storage solution but I so love seeing the jars stacked on my shelf waiting to be whipped into something tasty.


  1. Besides being a really good way of staying organized, I just really love the simplicity of keeping things in jars. It's such a visually pretty way of storing things.

    I've been saving odd jars from things I buy and scraping off the labels with the intention of using some chalkboard paint to paint the lids, and then be able to use a chalk-pen to write the contents on the top.

    1. Ooh I love the idea of saving odd jars and chalkboard paint is the coolest! I painted our entire TV cabinet in chalkboard paint a couple years ago and it was such a ginormous effort that I sort of was over it for a minute- but I'm getting back into it now and have a couple of projects planned :)

  2. I agree. Glass jars are definitely the most efficient and visually pleasing :)

  3. Oh, I'm so with you about the special joy a stocked pantry gives! We also use glass jars and they really are the most beautiful and effective way to keep it all organized. Such a simple little thing, but it really does make a difference.

  4. Agree! So visually appealing! It is kind of addictive too. We have glass jars with ceramic lids that clamp shut, but mostly we store our grains and seeds in those, with flours and sugars in the glass kind with a lid with a lip, but you are so right- the lip does trap flour making a little mess. But they are so pretty!