May 11, 2012

Details A5.01

So these aren't exactly details but pretty cute. A new little sized chair for Little Smith was an exciting addition to our house this week. He loves pushing it around, draping himself over it, and on this afternoon he made about fourteen different expressions in thirty seconds... I wish the light had been a bit better but still pretty irresistible.

I've had some mis-steps with photography the last few days and so many out-of-focus pictures (recipes that I couldn't share! but I've got plans to re-cook this week-end so don't fret). We also attempted a family photo and some are cute but too soft on focus - kills me! I think more natural light would help, and it looks like just maybe we are getting a break from the rain today.

I'm planning to spend a lot of time outside this week-end and making some more progress on the garden. I had thought it would be fun to finally get a bike seat for Little Smith and do a big bike ride on mother's day but we both have mountain bikes and I'm having trouble finding a baby bike seat that will work. We prefer not to use a trailer. Has anyone used a mountain bike with a baby seat? Happy mother's day to all the mamas and fingers crossed for a sunshine filled week-end!


  1. So cute, I love the rapid expression change! Happy Mother's day to you!

  2. I too love W's many faces... I barely noticed the chair! We got some children's sized chairs last Thanksgiving and I almost wish we had gotten them sooner. The boys love using them and you won't regret getting this one for W!

    Also, I wish I could give you advice on the bike seat thing, but alas, we only have one bike and have not tried any seats with it.

    Happy Mother's Day to YOU! You are a true inspiration. Sending sunny thoughts.

  3. Hehe! I love this!! So cute!

  4. Look at those big blue eyes! Very cute!


  5. These are seriously the cutest photos! You have ONE animated little dude on your hands!!

  6. Oh those faces are hilarious! What a little cutie! I struggle with the natural light issue in our place as well. We have one room sized window in the front of our apartment and that's it for natural light, making good, crisp photos anywhere but our living/dining room impossible. I feel your pain, mama.