May 10, 2012

birthday CHOCOLATE

Last Saturday was my birthday, 5/6/78 which I'm always pleased to point out. After the age of thirty, and certainly after having a child, I guess we're supposed to be over the whole birthday thing, but I am a b-day lover. Luckily for Big Smith I don't demand a lot of gifts and praise... just some singing and most importantly a cake!

Each year I make a point of requesting a cake (chocolate please)- it's all I want for my birthday. Each year Big Smith gives me beautiful thoughtful presents and then turns white when I mention the cake and admits he forgot. Seriously this happens every year. So this time around I was determined to get that cake and Big S went the extra mile and made it from scratch all by himself with hardly any help (except for the frosting which he was planning on applying to each layer separately and then moving and assembling everything with spatula after the fact!).

The cake was moist and delicious and Little Smith dug in before we even cut the first slice. It was so funny to see him go, slapping both hands into his mouth with a steady chorus of "yum yum yum". For better or worse he has inherited his mama's chocolate fever!

To cap off all of the chocolate yummyness the best gift ever showed up on my doorstep from my mom's friend and baker extraordinaire Linda (I mentioned her in this post). Beautiful cocoa powder, 4 pounds of killer chocolate chips, and a giant bottle of vanilla extract... hello everything I need to make the world's most amazing brownies!

So it was a pretty great chocolate glazed birthday. I am literally enjoying the final slice of cake as I type this which brings the celebration to a close just in time for Mother's Day. Hurray for the month of May!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And seriously.. What an amazing birthday to have. Your cakes looks amazing! Hope you had a really great day (which it seems like you did!) and wishing you an early Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy belated! This cake looks amazing! I'll be making a cake for Rowan's birthday this weekend, too. Now I'm leaning towards chocolate- even though I'm not a cake person. I'm a 1978 baby, too :)


    What a good man to bake you a cake! Good thing you were there for frosting it...that might have been a disaster ;)
    It looks yummy!

  4. I love this! Happy birthday to a fellow choco-holic! I have resorted to buying myself a chocolate cupcake on my birthday because for some reason those fellas never remember my cake either! What a fantastic day!

  5. Happy Birthday! that's a cool day, I like it 5.6.78 :) and a lot of chocolate! Wow!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! That cakes looks DELICIOUS!!! High-five to your hubby for making such a wonderful cake!!

  7. That cake looks so amazing!! Glad you finally got your cake. Happy late birthday! 5/6/78 is a pretty good one! And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! What a nice month for celebrations. :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Lilly! I totally agree with you - the cake is the most important part!


  9. Happy belated Birthday, Lilly! What a fun and delicious tradition!