April 9, 2012

Bunnies, Camels, and Traffic

If your Easter tradition doesn't involve camel rides in the living room (on a giant wood carved camel), then you just have no clue what you're missing! We spent a fun filled and far too fast holiday at my aunt and uncle's lovely farm with our family (that's six 'f's in one sentence if you're counting). It's a big group, there were twenty-two of us, and as always my aunt made sure that we were well fed and entertained from start to finish. Sadly as is typical for us, lots of fun means not many pictures. Little Smith is going to look back and wonder if we ever left the house!

Anywho the highlights included playing with all the dogs, lots of chasing Little S, hikes, trying to climb rocks, hanging out with our hilarious six year old cousin, wonderful meals and conversation, plus of course the aforementioned camel rides.

The Bunny even stopped by and left a few things for Little Smith. He's still too young for candies and chocolates so he got a few books to add to his collection. I read to him a couple times a day so anything new is such a welcome treat and keeps me from going too nuts.

Little Smith was totally spoiled with wonderful Easter treats from everyone. It was very sweet how much thought and time went into all the baskets and gifts. Who knew that Easter was even a holiday for gift giving?! Too kind, and the cutest little basket of all time award goes to this little froggie from my auntie.

Adorable right? There were a couple of chocolate bunnies in there too but one is now headless and the other is footless... it was a long car ride. Speaking of which, traffic on Easter Sunday seems to always be the absolute worst. I've traveled on a lot of holidays and this one takes the cake. It was pretty brutal and took us four and a half hours instead of just under three. We also did something that I would normally never permit, we threw catution to the wind and broke Little Smith's golden schedule,  traveling after his 7PM bedtime... craziness! 

I thought he would sleep in the car but no such luck, so for the first time since infancy he was up until 10PM. He normally sleeps twelve hours so I thought that might mean he would wake at 10AM. Nope! He's been stirring all morning and now at 8AM sounds like he's officially up so I'm going to go rescue him. Hope this doesn't throw off my great little sleeper!


  1. Excited to find the blog of another MaMa Smith! Rx


  2. That seriously looks like an amazing day!

  3. Oh, that looks like such a lovely day. I love the wrapping on his books! How adorable! Scheduling and holidays (especially while traveling) are always an interesting mix. Here's to hoping Little Smith returns to his sleeping schedule with ease!

  4. Looks like a fun holiday! And wow, your aunt and uncle have an impressive house!

  5. looks like such a wonderfully chaotic Easter weekend. Ours was much the same. So cute to see the new books (Harry the Dirty Dog is one of our favs!) unwrapped.

    Great pictures.
    Baby's bright smile shows that all the efforts was well worth the payoff.


  6. New books are the best! I think I've memorized some of the favorite books around here. ;)

    Sounds and looks like you had a great day (despite the traffic) - and I know how you feel about throwing the 'schedule' right out the window. It feels totally crazy. We've had to do it once and only once. And why in the world don't they sleep in later the next day?? One of the world's mysteries I suppose... ;)


  7. Sounds like a lovely day, traffic aside! Books are such a great gift -- you can never have too many, right? I hope the sleep schedule goes back to normal peacefully! We're planning a trip out of town in May, and I'm already nervous about the sleep situation..

  8. 'Harry the Dirty Dog' is one of my favorites!

    I hope your little man took a good nap or two today. My extended family thought I was crazy (and totally un-fun) when Westley was little because I would not, for ANY reason, interrupt the nap-and-bedtime schedule. Then again, Westley was always a good car sleeper. More than once, we did the bedtime routine at Grandma's house and transferred our already-pajama'd sleeping child to bed from his car seat.

  9. Looks like a perfect holiday! So glad your enjoyed it. Your little one is to die for. Xo

  10. Holiday spent with family is great, even if you have to beat traffic. I love all the pictures, my favorite is the second where he sticks his tong out, so cute!!!

  11. Beautiful pictures! It seems that you guys had tons of fun! Love your blog! Following you!

  12. Oh wow, cute kid! Easter must be so fun with a little adorable kid like that to share it with :)



  13. oh wow...what a gorgeous house. and little smith has a smile that just lights up his whole face! beautiful.

  14. He is absolutely adorable. You are doing a great job!

  15. Wow, it is such a pleasure to read each and every one of your comments. I always think about responding to each one but fear a lot of 'thanks' and 'great advice' would be boring so I'll just say it is a treat to share in your collective wisdom and support.

    My aunt and uncle's place is super beautiful. I've always felt very lucky to get to play there and to have such a fun family too. Little Smith took the nap of all naps yesterday for four hours! Things are still a bit off schedule and cranky but he's a trouper!

  16. So sweet! Looks like a great time!