March 20, 2012

Snapshot: 9

poppies in my mother's garden / summer 2011

I'm always expected to favor lilies (because Lilly = liking lilies I guess). I'm fickle when it comes to my affection for flowers. It's like picking a favorite color, there are just too many and they're all too lovely. If pressed though, without a doubt my favorite flower is the poppy. I can't wait to greet these friends again soon.


  1. Love poppies. So cheerful, but just a little mysterious. My favorite is tulips, so I'm enjoying this time of year. Lovely picture!

  2. I love poppies, and tulips, and azaleas, and peonies... oh, I agree. I cannot choose just one favorite. Happy Spring!

  3. I can't choose a favorite either. But why choose? That's would take away the enjoyment of loving them all!