February 3, 2012

Boys Are Pretty Great

I'm kind of amazed by how much I love having a boy because I always saw myself with a girl. My family is almost all women; strong, independent, talented women. I grew up with just my mom and I and I always expected to repeat that mother and daughter bond someday with a daughter of my own.

I dreamed of a girl, expected a girl. From the moment that I learned I was pregnant I had one of those strange intuitions where I just knew it was a boy. I remember looking at those two lines and saying out loud to myself, "it's a boy". I was at peace with it. I was excited to have a son but also worried. I just didn't have experience with little boys and constantly heard they were these wild insane animals.

car race. the tractor won... what an upset!

And yes, Little Smith is a wild man... but a truly amazing one. He's been obsessed with cars from birth and rejected all my gender neutral dollies. Guess what? Cars are cool. I am finding that I love having a little guy and embracing that he seems to be drawn to the typical boy stuff for now. Hopefully he will share a few of my big passions (art, gardening, cooking) and maybe I can convince him to have the occasional tea party!

I know girls are wonderful too, we love our girl friends and lots avoid the uber-pink-sparkle fest. Some day maybe I'll have a girl and I'm sure I'll be just as shocked by how incredible they are too... but I am so loving this boy.


  1. I knew Westley was a boy. It was almost as if this little voice inside said, "Hi, I'm a boy!" I was nervous about having a boy, because I don't usually like boys (or men). (I'm working on that.)

    But what I find so interesting is that it doesn't seem to make any difference. What I mean is, Westley doesn't do the things he does because he's a boy; he's the way he is because he's himself! (And all those things I don't like about boys have much more to do with personality than they do with sex.)

  2. YAY for BOYS! I am obviously a little biased, but I think boys are great too. It's funny, with my first I KNEW he was a boy from the very start. My second, I had no feeling. My third I was convinced was a girl, even bought some girl clothing, but turns out he was a boy too! I remember feeling shocked, but not at all disappointed. I think we get what we are supposed to get. So glad you are embracing your boy. It truly is fun. Plus, boys have pretty special relationships with their mommas as well.

  3. yes, i know how you feel! with #2 i sooo wanted another boy. i now have 2 of each and both are amazing in their own way. your little fella sure is a cutie :D

  4. I read somewhere recently that mothers are 70% accurate in predicting their child's sex. I find that fascinating and so cool.

  5. Boys ARE great! And our boy rejected dollies and stuffed animals in favor of anything with wheels, too. Our girl follows big brother's lead, so we play with a lot of cars and trains round here!

  6. Oh the joy of little boys! I grew up with nothing but girls, so I thought Levi would be a girl for sure, and boy was I wrong! Having a boy has been so nice, especially for the family! The first boy of the house in such a long time! I love having a boy so much, I want all my future children to be boys :-)